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Dave the Arranger

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Dave taking a solo with the Fribourg Jazz Orchestra

About Me...

Dave Montreuil plays the trombone and piano, and also does a lot of composing and arranging (hence this website). Over the years, he has played many styles of music in a lot of different formations. Much of the music Dave has written has been for groups he has played with - especially in big bands and brass ensembles.

Hailing from Vancouver Island, Dave is a proud Canadian. Having studied with the great Canadian trombonist, Ian McDougall, at the University of Victoria, Dave obtained a Bachelors degree in performance on trombone, and then a Masters degree in composition.

After University, Dave moved out to Switzerland and finished a jazz degree with the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. For 8 years, Dave worked as a professional musician, mostly in the jazz scene. He performed with many of the best Big Bands in Switzerland, including the Swiss Jazz Orchestra, the David Regan Orchestra, the Fribourg Jazz Orchestra, and others.
He also worked regularly in many smaller groups, including:
- Dave's Teagarden; his own dixieland band
- The Bophouse; a high energy jazz group in the Mingus tradition
- The Sinatra Tribute Band; no explanation necessary
- Sandy Loves Sammy; a quartet with vocalist extrordinaire Sandy Patton - a tribute to the Legendary Sammy Davis Jr.

Dave playing bass trombone with the Swiss Army Big Band
Performance of Sandy Loves Sammy at La Cappella, Bern

Dave is married and has two lovely daughters. He and his family are now living in West Africa, soaking up the sun in a tiny country called The Gambia. While his wife is helping to eliminate a disease which causes blindness, Dave spends his time writing music, teaching local musicians about chords and music theory, and occasionally plays piano with various groups. At the moment, Dave is involved with a 'smooth jazz' group called Infinity.

Dave's non-music hobbies include ultimate frisbee, board games, Magic the Gathering, reading, and spending time with his family.

Family Vacation on the beach. Victoria, Canada