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Big Band Arrangements

I love big bands. Over the years I have been lucky enough to play with quite a few big bands, and I always keep coming back for more. Big bands make being a trombone player worth it. Part of the fun is that big band music is so versatile - swing music, funk, rock, pop, jazz, modern, latin, etc... The list of possibilities goes on and on.

Throughout the years, I have been lucky to play with some bands that have been willing to perform my compositions and arrangements. I am now putting up my arrangements up on the web in the hopes that others might use them, too.

Each arrangement comes with a transposed score and all parts, including leadsheets for solos, etc. I believe them to be clear and well laid out. When possible, I have included a sound example to go along with the chart, although sometimes this is just a computer playback, using music notation software - Finale.

The password to open any of my PDF files is... www.davethearranger.com

Please feel free to right me back with comments, suggestions, encouragement, etc. And if you should make a recording of one of my songs, I would love to hear it!

My Dear
(pop/jazz for a singer)


O Canada
(patriotic and oh so funky!))


(light jazz waltz)


(upbeat samba)