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O Canada

I woke up one morning feeling patriotic and a bit homesick and this is the result - A very fun, funky Big Band rendition of the Canadian National Anthem - O Canada!

At the beginning there is a very normal, classical sounding introduction, which might inspire some audience members to rise to their feet and take off their hats. But then O Canada really gets funky. Perhaps you wouldn't play this at the beginning of an Canada Day celebration (and certainly not Remembrance Day), but I think this would be a great way to close a Canada Day concert, or school gatherings, etc.

There is an open section for solos with groovy backgrounds, or you can the Canadian Anthem one time through by taking the Coda the first time.

The lead trumpet has a top note of A (concert G) above the treble clef, and the lead trombone has a G above the bass clef. The saxes have a few tricky runs, but I think most good high school bands could get through this, and is certainly playable by any college or University level group.

$15.00 Canadian

Purchase includes...

Musical Score
5 Saxes
4 Trumpets
4 Trombones
(paper size is 8.5 x 11, the Canadian standard)

Right click here to download the computer playback of O Canada.

(Please note that the balance is not perfect, the dynamics are largely missing,
and there are many articulations, such as falls and forte piano that are ignored in the playback)