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Brass Quartet Arrangements

While studying at the University of Victoria, I joined a Brass Quartet called the Festive Brass. Our formation had 2 trumpets, and two trombones. We were hired to play Christmas carols at a local theme park, the Butchart Gardens. We needed fun music that was simple enough for substitute players to sight read, and easy enough to be able to play outside in the cold. So, I ended up arranging over 20 songs for the Festive Brass, which I believe is still playing each year, although sadly without me.

The songs are arranged for two trumpets (in Bb) and two trombones (in bass clef). All the up tempo happy arrangements would work with a percussionist or drummer added!

The second bone part should be possible on a tenor trombone, but is geared more for bass trombone. A tuba would be fine as well.

There is an optional french horn part to replace trombone 1, and in some of the arrangements, there is an optional french horn part to replace trumpet 2.

The password to open any of my PDF files is... www.davethearranger.com

Below is the list of Brass Quartet Arrangements that are currently available.