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Brass Quartet - Christmas Music - $4.00

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

This Christmas carol sounds great and is very easy to play. The melody is arranged in four different styles. The first section is smooth and choral-like. The second section is bell-like with staggered entrances. Trumpets play the third section in harmony, with the trombones adding a low drone. And the piece winds up with a nice, mild swing ending.

The top note for Trumpet 1 is F# (E concert), and trombone 1 is E above the bass clef.
No F attachment is needed for trombone 2.

A perfect piece for beginning groups, but professionals will appreciate it's beauty and simplicity. To me, this piece sounds both plaintive and wistful.

$4.00 Canadian

Purchase includes...

Musical Score
Trumpet 1 in Bb
Trumpet 2 in Bb
Trombone 1 (and optional french horn part)
Trombone 2 (or tuba)

(paper size is 8.5 x 11, but can work on A4 size paper)

Right click here to download the recording of Jolly Old St. Nicholas.