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Soundscapes for Twelve Trombones

I - Starscape

II - Seascape

III - Cityscape

This is a composition which I wrote for my graduation recital, part of my requirements for my Master's degree in Composition. Every Friday after lunch, all the trombones go to masterclass - a place to play solos, get feedback, talk about music and the trombone, and to play trombone ensemble pieces. It just so happened that there were 12 of us in the class of varying levels, so I wrote a piece for twelve trombones.

At the time, I was very interested in two things compositionally speaking - sounds involving perfect fourths and music in canonic form. In fact, I still am interested in these two things today. I also wanted to write music that people could listen to. So, these 3 'soundscapes' were my attempt to write music for trombone choir. There is a bit of doubling, but in general, every voice is unique and important. The overall effect for the audience seems to be quite worthwhile.

The highest trombones will have to play up to a high C (C5), but not for very long :) The 2 lowest trombone parts go down to pedal Ab and are often in the trigger range - best suited to bass trombones.

I have decided to put the entire recording on this website so you can judge for yourself... It is a live performance in a room with a lot of reverb, but it should give you a good idea if the music would work for your trombone choir.

Download now...

(type the password - www.davethearranger.com - to open the pdf file after unzipping)

Free download includes...
Musical Score
Trombones 1 through 10 (tenor trombones)
Trombones 11 and 12 (bass trombones)

(paper size is 8.5 x 11, but can work on A4 size paper)

To download the recording of
I - Starscape, right click here.

To download the recording of
II - Seascape, right click here.

To download the recording of
III - Cityscape, right click here.