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Two Poems by W.B. Yeats

Brown Penny

He Wishes for the Heaven's Embroidered Cloths

This is a composition which I wrote for my graduation recital, part of my requirements for my Master's degree in Composition. I have chosen 2 of my favourite poems by W.B. Yeats, and set them to music.

Brown Penny is written in a very traditional style - a waltz of sorts. I find it rather a beautiful and innocent poem, and hopefully the music does it justice. On the recording, there is an oboe, but a flute might work even better.

The range for the voice on this song is from low D to high Eb - just over one octave. It was envisioned for a baritone voice, but others could work - even females if the text were to be slightly altered.

He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven is set in an altogether different manner. At one point, I became intrigued with pentatonic scales. I have discovered, that with just three different pentatonic scales (those a major third distant from each other) contains all 12 notes in a chromatic scale. That means one could harmonize any note or (or melody) with one of those 3 scales. What makes this suitable for this song, is that there are 3 different cloths from heaven - of night, and light, and the half light.

Again, a baritone voice is what I had in mind, but suitable for other voices. The range is one octave from Db to Db. A flute would be lighter and perhaps preferable than an oboe (as on the recording). There are many cue notes given, to keep the ensemble together and to eliminate the need for a conductor.

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